• Acoustic movable walls

    Acoustic movable walls

    As the ultra high version, pattern movable partition wall systems are made up of a series of individual partition panel with ceiling track which make it be able to slide along the track.

    These movable partition walls on wheels are widely used in hotels, shops, exhibition centers, exhibition center, colleges, clubs, art centers, stadium, sports centers, offices, testing center, bowling centers, schools, conference center, golf clubs, etc. The nominal thickness of movable partition wall is mm. The movable partition wall panel frames are made of standard construction grade aluminum alloy. Surface panels are available in 12mm thick MDF board, particle board, gypsum board. Different soundproof material infill and surface material decide the acoustic performance to meet different STC requirements.

    The aluminum track system is made of natural construction grade aluminum alloy. Each single suspension hanging wall divider panel has vertical metal bearing wheels on the track. Different options for track crossings can be used to meet specific design requirements. Single or dual panel suspension options to accommodate different parking layout designs and requirements.

    The moving partition walls finish panels are available in HPL, wallpaper, PVC laminates, fabric, melamine finishes and so on. Note: Pattern movable partition walls cost is higher than other patterns, if your project is not very high. You may choose pattern soundproof partition wall.

    Movable Partition Wall As the ultra high version, pattern movable partition wall systems are made up of a series of individual partition panel with ceiling track which make it be able to slide along the track. Related Products.

    Modernfold Acousti-Seal Encore Movable Walls - The Industry Standard

    Email Us Contact Form.Select your desired Height and Width. After you complete your order, we'll contact you for a large-scale, high-resolution file or a vector file.

    acoustic movable walls

    We'll provide two rounds of design revision. We'll print your design onto high quality print paper and then adhere that image to our acoustical panels. Each partition panel uses a fully-tackable, acoustical ribbed fabric over a heavy foam core. Set up the VersiFold in a zig-zag pattern, or combine with the optional VersiFoot accessories to create either "L" or "C" shapes. Each unit has side magnets that allow multiple VersiFolds or VersiPanels to be interconnected.

    Unlike our other room dividers, these acoustical partitions meet the floor directly from end to end, keeping sound confined from other areas. Quickly and easily create additional office work areas, home recording studios, portable classrooms, and temporary meeting areas.

    Even if space division isn't a priority, these partitions may be placed against walls to add accent while controlling acoustics. Several units may be linked together with the built-in magnetic end pieces.

    Use the VersiFold as an acoustical studio partition, or as a school room divider to manage space more effectively. This product is shipped via freight and will require someone at your location to take the product s off of the truck.

    acoustic movable walls

    If you need inside delivery or lift gate service, please select either option at checkout. Additional charges may apply for extra delivery services. VersiFold Acoustical Room Divider. Select From Options Below. Selector: None 8' x 6'6" Fabric- Blue. Width 8'.

    Movable Partition

    Height 6'6".Intelligent solutions for flexible space utilization, whether sound insulated or transparent - our movable walls with flexible partitions enable efficient space utilization for almost any configuration. Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be effortlessly partitioned, made smaller, larger or reproportioned to suit individual requirements.

    Any area, from a small conference room to a large exhibition hall, can be optimally adapted to suit varying numbers of users. Highest quality, functionality and variability for room-dividing and multifunctional layout configuration. Premium functionality and sound control - unique customized solutions and start-to-finish support.

    For over 90 years we have shaped the This website uses cookies for reasons of functionality and statistics. By continuing to browse this website you are consenting to our use of cookies.

    Home Products Movable Walls. Movable Walls - Intelligent and flexible Intelligent solutions for flexible space utilization, whether sound insulated or transparent - our movable walls with flexible partitions enable efficient space utilization for almost any configuration.

    Modernfold - products and solutions Premium functionality and sound control - unique customized solutions and start-to-finish support. More OK.LIKO-S www. News What we are preparing. Career Be part of the family.

    Partitions and movable walls liko-partitions. Acoustic booths, suspended ceilings, acoustic dividers liko-acoustics. Interactive walls liko-partitions. Prefabricated halls liko-haly.

    Movable Partition Wall

    Design, laminated glass liko-glass. Inhall units liko-inhall. Custom metalwork, steel structures liko-welding. ARCHSpace archspace. Our partitions enable you to divide your office space easily and quickly. We have been developing and manufacturing partitions and partition walls since — being the first to do so in Central Europe.

    Choose from our menu. We offer framed and frameless partitions and partition wallsglassfull and movable partitionsand now also interactive walls. The design of the partitions complies with the most demanding requirements for aesthetics, practicality and acoustics. We have branches in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and India, as well as export partners in 16 countries around the world.

    Our products are the result of our own development and manufacturing. Sincewe have established branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and India, as well as export partnerships in 16 countries around the world. That is part of the reason why we were awarded the title Family Business It doesn't stop with the thinnest glass with the best acoustic properties!

    The requirement of the Konplan investor in Pilsen for the administrative building was the maximum openness and variability of office space. This is why an open space has been designed and the individual call rooms, meeting rooms and offices are separated from the corridor with our glazed MICRA II partitions. The sliding wall LIKO-Space was chosen for the possibility of dividing the design office into two smaller ones.Finished Project.

    Thanks for the trust from the client who comes from India. This banquet hall operable partition walls project finished and delivered in March, Totally 4 sets of walls. Our technician also went to project to supervise the installation. After installing the tracks system well, our technician came back and the client need us to do the pocket door for him.

    Finish: Melamine Surface. Color Chart: CSF. Acoustic movable walls technical information. Panel suspension. Single door or Double door. Sound insulation.

    VersiFold Acoustical Room Divider

    Vinyl, Painting, etc. Acoustic movable walls features. So it will not damage the floor or carpet at the project site. When you do not use them, they can be parked to the parking zone conveniently and quickly. The operation is very easy, 1 person can finish the whole operation. More than 60 kinds of colors to choose. Single or Double Pass Door also available, which can help you come in and out easily. Related products. Movable partition walls, operable walls, movable doors, acoustic room dividers, sound proof partitions.

    Office furniture: office workstations, office chairs, conference chairs, stackable conference tables.Our policy is to provide professional and trouble-free service from initial concept to on-site completion and after-sales. We provide professional and trouble-free installation service. Movable partition wall from Doorfold is featured with delicate space design for decoration, sound isolution for work and privacy, eco-friendliness for environment protection and sustainability.

    Hot Sale - Movable Walls. The movable partition wall is a solution of easy division for interior spaces. Regardless of the construction of the building, the use of the room, the architecture, and the style, the application of the Doorfold partitions will introduce a higher level of aesthetics, practicality, and safety for internal use.

    Doorfold places customers' interest in the first place and provides global customers with the most cost-effetcive partition wall manufacturing and customization service. Check details about Doorfold high-performance acoustic partition walls on below, welcome to contact Doorfold should there be any doubt weighing on your mind in reference to Doorfold partition. We provide the best space segmentation solutions.

    acoustic movable walls

    SinceDoorfold has been committed to developing insightful and creative solutions that create lasting value for customers. We are a culture of creative problem solvers who are confronted with challenges.

    Each challenge in partition wall is tantamount with a step towards success. That is why we will continue to work hard to create new creativity, try to solve impossible things and surpass expectations. Doorfold has provided its partners with the most functional sliding partition and it ushers in the international market. Over the years, it has been maintaining close cooperative relationships with famous brands, say Hilton, Marriott, Shangri-La.

    Our Projects. We are a team of productive problem solvers. Doorfold has 14 years of experience in the distribution, installation, and service of a variety of architectural specialty products throughout the world. Our mission to exceed customer exceptions by providing high value, quality, and competitive products and services has never changed.

    When you choose us, you select the total solution provider. Whether working with architects, designers, general contractors or end-users, our knowledgeable and skilled team of sales specialists, project managers, and engineers will ensure that the projects are completed on time and on budget. Our factory has passed the ISO international quality certification; our brand is synonymous with flexible space architecture and a solution for innovative sliding partitions.

    It has been awarded the Chinese Famous Name Brand. The company was founded in ISO international quality certification. Who Are We? Free Installation Service. For the movable partition wall installation, we offer a free installation service. Our factory-trained engineers work reliably to ensure the careful assembly and installation of your new wall system.

    Please record your request on the Contact Us page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Doorfold has been devoted to offering one-stop solution to customers, specializes in the quantity manufacturing of partition walls.

    Hello, please leave your name and email here before chat online so that we won't miss your message and contact you smoothly. After-sale Service.Movable sound-proof partition walls are characterized by modular elements having high acoustic insulation up to an Rw index of 58 dB certified by an accredited laboratory. They are easily stored and slide quietly along guide rails fixed only into the ceiling.

    Designed to harmonize with the existing architectural style they can reach any length and up to 12 m. High-level technology guarantees quality and reliability while offering the ideal solution for a rapid, physical and acoustic division of areas destined to host large events, meetings, workshops, videoconferences and training sessions.

    Italiano English. Type of walls Glass Wood. Applications Type of walls. Show other installations. Technical details - Specifications. Home Solutions Movable sound-proof partition walls.

    Description Performance and plus Finishes Movable sound-proof partition walls are characterized by modular elements having high acoustic insulation up to an Rw index of 58 dB certified by an accredited laboratory.

    Technical details. Storage and Guide fixing systems. Technical drawings pdf. Technical drawings dwg. With this solution we have been made. Subscribe at our Newsletter. Movable Walls Movable sound-proof partition walls Movable push partition walls Residential movable partition walls Movable design partitions Shine Walls Glass movable sound-proof partition walls Movable sound-proof walls for external use Tempered glass movable partition walls Mobile folding partition walls Customizable movable partition walls Freespace Collection Aurea.

    About us Brand and History Italian quality Service.


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